Kobe Bryant is one of the best if not the best players in the history of the sport of basketball. Kobe Bryant broke over 19 records over his career. He was the only player to ever score 81 points in a basketball game. Kobe Bryant won 5 NBA Finals. He has more accomplishments than anyone in Lakers history. He is one of the best on court and off court leaders. He probably signed over 150 shoes for different NBA stars in his away games this season. He also gave them to rookies and rising stars. Kobe accumulated hundreds of gifts from players across the NBA to show their appreciation for his impact on basketball. Kobe Bryant never dissed his team, even though the Lakers have been going downhill for the last three years. He suffered a few injuries towards the end of his career, but he had a fairly healthy farewell season. He played many minutes this season and didn’t miss many games at all. Kobe Bryant received one of the most memorable tributes in his last game from the Lakers organization, players from across the NBA, and Hall of Famer Magic Johnson. He tried his best to hold back the tears before his final game. During the game the Lakers were trailing by 15 points, but Kobe Bryant led them to a historic comeback. He threw in 60 points in his comeback and scored a go-ahead jumper for the win. Kobe Bryant will be missed forever. #FAREWELLKOBE #FAREWELLMAMBA
Photo courtesy of Deadspin.com