Josh Norman is on his way to Washington. The Redskins were willing to pay Josh Norman the money he wanted. He received a 5-year $75,000,000 contract. There is $50,000,000 guaranteed and a $15,000,000 signing bonus. The Panthers didn’t know his worth, but other teams definitely value players like Josh Norman. The Panthers didn’t sign Josh Norman to a long-term contract, because they were u easy of his consistency in on-field play. Norman didn’t envision leaving Carolina back during the season. Josh Norman had an amazing breakout season, locking down many tier-1 receivers all season, and adding in four interceptions. He brought an energy and type of leadership to his team that many players couldn’t. Josh Norman wanted a high paying long-term deal with the Panthers, but the Panthers were not ready to pay him the money he was seeking.  The Panthers pinned him with a franchise tag, but the sides still weren’t even. The Panthers decided to rescind their tag, making Josh Norman a free agent. Josh Norman attracted interested from about 10 teams within 48 hours. The Washington Redskins were the best fit for him, so he was able to make a decision within a week. The Redskins were the best fit, because they already have a great team and he feels he keep dominate in that environment.  We will see his worth this season in 2016, when he will have to guard Odell Beckham and Dez Bryant in four games this season.