The Western Conference Finals has attracted more viewers, but this year the Eastern Conference Finals are almost as exciting as Reggie Miller’s Pacers versus the New York Knicks era. Both Series have been played with a lot of heart by all 0f the players. The games have been very chippy, very physical, and intensity-filled.

The Cavaliers and Toronto Raptors series looked like it would be another easy sweep for the Cavaliers. Well the Cavaliers have met a very talented and physical Toronto team. The Raptors have shown through there recent efforts in game three that they have a lot to prove to the nation. Kyle Lowry was able to get in a good rhythm and score twenty points. As a viewer I was able to see a performance from Demar Derozan that I have been waiting to be treated with. Demar was able to find the inside of the basket and drop 32 points. The Cavaliers played well in the first two games, and were very quick to celebrate their game two win by splashing their coach with water. The Cavaliers were able to win ten straight playoff games, but they looked completely out of sync in game three. The Raptors defense has helped them tremendously and their rebounding is of the charts.

The Warriors series is very physical, and Oklahoma City seems to have the Warriors number. The Warriors trail in the series, and have suffered two blowout losses. The Warriors definitely do not look themselves and the Warriors must get a win on the road in game four to keep from going down 3-1. Oklahoma City has played very well with everyone on the team contributing.

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