Draymond Green, now one of the biggest names in the NBA, has been probably the most criticized player. Draymond Green is known for his ferocious mentality and aggressiveness within games. He has played with so much intensity that has kicked the Thunder’s center, Steven Adams, in the groin twice. He also tripped Enes Kanter in game 4. Draymond Green is one of the Golden State Warriors biggest emotional and physical leaders. He is the vocal face of the franchise, and is well respected by the entire league. The lion hearted forward received thousands of boos coming out of the tunnel in game four. The fans were heard across the country as they helped the Thunder keep Draymond Green stay off his game. Draymond was able to respond to critics, and play well all season, but he has struggled to do that in the Western Conference Finals. The Warriors would hate to say it themselves, but they have definitely struggled since Draymond’s game 1 actions. 

Could Draymond be dragging down Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, as they get played very physically and rough by the Oklahoma City big men.

“I don’t think there was any [aftereffect in Game 4]. I was just awful. I usually thrive in those situations. The most frustrating thing for me is those are the situations that I have thrived on. Those are the situations I’ve made my name off of. That’s who I am. That’s why I am who I am because of situations like that. And the most frustrating thing in the world is not being able to come through off the situation. That’s who I am. That’s more frustrating more than anything. It bothers me until I get back on the floor. It really bothers me. I don’t deal with losing well. Being the reason for losing, I really don’t deal with it well. It bothers me.” ~ Draymond Green 

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