The Golden State Warriors succeeded in getting back to the NBA Finals by chipping away at a 3-1 deficit in the Western Conference Finals. They faced the biggest tasks of their lives playing against the Thunder, one of the NBA’s greatest teams, and were able to overcome that roadblock. Stephen Curry and the dubs have seven games left (or less) to keep rewriting history books when they will face off against the Eastern Conference powerhouse on Thursday. 

The Cavaliers are looking forward to ending Cleveland’s championship curse. Lebron James promised Cleveland a title. He came up short on his promise in 2015, but he gets a chance to redeem himself against the same team he faced off against in 2015. The Cavaliers have lost only two games all playoffs, and both of those losses were on the road. The Warriors do have home court advantage in the Finals, and it will be interesting to see how the Cavaliers play in the Bay Area. The Cavaliers have recently came together as a team, and look better than ever. The role players on the Cavaliers must show up to slow down the other stars on the Warriors.

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