Huge Free Agency Signings in the NBA:

Mike Conley resigned with the Memphis Grizzlies-  Mike Conley, an all-star point guard that plays for the Grizzlies was awarded with the biggest contract in NBA history. It was a deal that could not be passed on as other teams could only offer him $114 million. The Grizzlies were able to offer him a 5-year contract with $153 million. This contract will change the league forever, and players will probably soon demand that they are worth that type of money. The Grizzlies were also able to bring in former all-star Chandler Parsons on a nearly $95 million deal.

Is Kevin Durant a cheater?

Kevin Durant left his longtime NBA home of Oklahoma City, and will be taking his talents to the Bay Area. A problem for many players in the NBA is that money became more important than winning championships. Kevin Durant took a smaller 2-year, $54 million contract so he could team up with four former all stars and the 2015 NBA Champions. Kevin Durant has been criticized more than being praised for his decision. Kevin Durant made a good decision for himself, even though he left so many fans. The Bay Area will be better for him, and will lessen his miles on his career. Kevin Durant was one of the greatest scorers, even while he was being double-teamed on a nightly basis. Kevin Durant will be able to spread the floor so much with the other scorers (Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green), that he will not be double teamed at all. He will get many open scoring looks throughout each game.

Dwyane Wade throwing away an opportunity to play in the same uniform throughout an entire career- Dwyane Wade was very much interested in staying with the Miami Heat, but was low-balled with a low $10 million per year contract. Dwyane Wade will be teaming up with Rajon Rondo and Jimmy Butler in Chicago. It isn’t necessarily the most logical landing spot for him, but Miami was not able to take care of one of their longtime players. Chicago will still likely not be a title contender, but Chicago can welcome Wade back to his hometown with warm hearts.

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