Each fantasy football season brings a new crop of break out stars. Every season the so called “experts” overlook certain players that if you dig deep enough in your draft prep it’s obvious they are prime for bust out seasons. This article highlights players consensually ranked outside the top five that I feel have a legitimate chance to finish in the top five in their respective positions.

Quarterback: Phillip Rivers 

Phillip Rivers is a gun slinger with loads of talent who’s offensive line was riddled with injuries last season, not to mention his stand out wide receiver Kennan Allen missed a majority of the season with a lacerated kidney. Factor in a healthy Keenan Allen and the addition of big play threat Travis Benjamin in free agency from Cleveland I expect a much more potent passing attack in 2016 from San Diego. Another factor not to be ignored is Ken Whisenhunt is back in the fold as the Chargers offensive coordinator. With all these factors considered, draft Phillip Rivers with confidence this draft season. His consensus ranking outside the top ten is a joke. Don’t be surprised to see Phillip Rivers finish as a top 5 fantasy quarterback come seasons end.

Running Back: Carlos Hyde

For my money Carlos Hyde is the 2nd most talented pure runner in the NFL behind Todd Gurley of the Los Angeles Rams. I expect the up tempo NCAA style of offense the 49ers will deploy this season to greatly benefit Hyde. Chip Kelly rarely substitutes in order to keep opposing defenses off balance so expect Hyde to get more than his fair share of touches this season. Even if the 49ers did substitute can anyone reading this article name the 49ers backup running back? Neither can I. Hyde is being ranked outside the top 15 on the world wide web when it comes to running backs. I look for him to certainly outperform this ranking and don’t be surprised if he finishes 2016 as a top five running back. Draft this man with confidence!

Wide Receiver: Golden Tate

I see the Detroit Lions being a very sneaky offense in 2016. Yes they lost Calvin Johnson who retired a some what unexpected retirement in the off season, but someone is going to have to fill the 150 target void left by the future hall of famer. Look no further than Golden Tate! Look for Tate to be the go to threat for explosive plays and his chemistry with another underrated offensive piece in Matthew Stafford to be at an all time high. Expect the Lions to be a passing team under new offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter and with an unreliable rushing attack look for opportunity for Golden Tate to be sky high. The addition of Anquan Boldin in the slot will open up opportunity for Golden Tate to make big plays down the field. Look for Golden Tate to have a monster season and potentially be a top five receiver in 2016.

Written By: Robert Brinkman