Don’t look now, the after thought franchise, that is the Colorado Rockies, and they are only 4 games out of a playoff spot in the National League. The National League wild card race seems consisted of teams don’t want to seize the opportunity of participating in October baseball. The Cardinals and Pirates continue to be inconsistent in the NL Central, The New York Mets just can’t seem to figure things out this season in Flushing, and the Miami Marlins have been unable to take control of the 2nd spot despite having a plethora of talent at their disposal. This leaves the Colorado Rockies with an opportunity to capture an opportunity that no one seems to want.

Everyone is aware of the all world talent that is Nolan Arenado, or at least you should. But the key to this sneaky Rockies team has been Carlos Gonzalez. Gonzalez is finally healthy and playing up to his MVP potential and if it wasn’t for Daniel Murphy’s monster season in Washington, Gonzalez would have my vote for National League MVP. His ranking in the top 10 in runs, hits, doubles, home runs, RBI, batting average, slugging, and OPS in the National League, makes it extremely difficult to ignore this monster 2016 campaign by Carlos Gonzalez.

The Rockies are notoriously a team that has the offense to contend for a World Series Championship, but lack the arm to have a balanced team. I’m not going to say that a Rockies pitcher is a legit Cy Young contender, but Chad Bettis has given the Rockies the stability and reliability this franchise needs every fifth day in order to sustain the run the they have been on of late. Since the all star break, Bettis has posted a 3.45 ERA and a 1.24 WHIP along with 3 wins. These stats are less than Cy Young worthy but definatly respectable considering the offensive bias Coors Field provides.

Obviously the loss of standout rookie shortstop Trevor Story is a huge loss. The production Story accounted for at a position that traditionally isn’t known for cultivating clean up hitters is irreplaceable. But before counting the Rockies out due to injury let’s see what top prospect David Dahl has to offer. Dahl is off to a hot start hitting 380 with 12 home runs and 7 RBI in just 50 at bats. Maybe young gun David Dahl can be the shot in the arm Colorado needs to make up for the loss of Trevor Story.

Now I am a realist and even though I wrote this post highlighting the strengths of the Rockies, I don’t expect them to be playing October baseball. I expect the Dodgers and Miami Marlins to capture the NL Wild Cards, but I defiantly think the Rockies to be a thorn in the side of NL wild card hopefuls through game 162.

Written By: Robert Brinkman