It’s getting to be mid-August and your fantasy football draft is probably right around the corner. After years of experience here are my Ten Draft Commandments. If taken as fantasy gospel they will lead you to fantasy football glory come late December.

Know Your Rules!

Don’t be the nerd in your league that doesn’t realize you get a point per reception until week 4! Read your league’s scoring system thoroughly and completely before drafting your squad. Figure out what you get points for and what you don’t. Then formulate your target list from there.

Have a Specific Draft Plan!

It’s great to pull information from multiple blogs, podcasts, and experts. But bottom line is it’s your fantasy football team, not theirs! Have specific targets identified based on your scoring system and have an idea where your targets should be selected based on average draft position. FAILURE TO PREPARE IS PREPARING TO FAIL!

Don’t Panic!

Even if you’re the most prepared fantasy football general manager in the history of mankind, some of your targets are going to end up on other squads. Have contingency plans in place for when this inevitably happens. Don’t panic and overdraft someone just because draft plan A didn’t 100 percent pan out.

Leave Your Biases At Home!

Everyone is guilty of being bias when it comes to sports at one time or another. Don’t when it comes to drafting your fantasy football team. Forget about years passed, it’s a brand new season with a fresh slate. Put real football aside. Realize this is fantasy football because guess what Eagles fans, Dez Bryant and Odell Beckham are going to torch your beloved Eagles twice in 2016. And I got news for all you Baltimore Raven fans, Antonio Brown is going to get his stats in both matchups against your secondary. Be objective in your draft prep!

Know Your Website!

Whether it’s ESPN, Yahoo, or CBS each of these sites have very different ranking for people who fail to follow the have a specific draft plan commandment. This may not seem like a big deal but value, sleepers, and average draft position are greatly affected by these preliminary by the book rankings. Mock draft prior to your real draft to know exactly how your targets are valued on your specific website.

Draft High Upside in the Middle and Late Rounds!

After you get your targeted studs in the early rounds, draft high upside prospects as opposed to consistent low ceiling type of players in the mid to late rounds. If you draft the correct studs at the top of the draft, and compliment with a few home runs in the middle and late rounds you will ensure yourself of a high playoff seed. Who knows maybe you’ll even cash in big, win your league, and have bragging rights for an entire year.



Don’t Draft Quarterback before Round 8!

Cam Newtown dominated fantasy football last year and was drafted across the board as a fantasy backup. Andrew Luck went in the late first or early second round and finished the season on IR. It’s silly to pick QB early when players who can really roll up stats are considered after thoughts during drafts. Eli Manning and Phillip Rivers are quarterbacks being drafted between rounds 8-10 that I wouldn’t mind having. Tyrod Taylor and Matthew Stafford are going even later and Matt Ryan is going undrafted in most of my mock drafts. Wait on drafting a quarterback and stack your backs, receivers and flex options.

Don’t Draft Tight End Before Round 8!

Jordan Reed was a monster last season and he was a waiver wire pickup on the one team I was able to grab him on. Owners spending a first round pick on Gronk with Tom Brady out the first four weeks are insane. Every season tight ends pop up out of nowhere like Gary Barnidge did last season. Antonio Gates also popped up out of nowhere in the 2000’s and will probably be inducted into the Hall of Fame once his playing days are done. Look at guys like Delanie Walker, Zach Ertz, and Colby Fleener as solid alternatives to Rob Gronkowski, Jordan Reed, and Greg Olsen. They are better values and don’t be shocked if they have better stats at the end of the season.

Draft Your Defense In The 2nd To Last Round!

Team Defense gains no yards and for the most part don’t score touchdowns. Don’t be the bone head that drafts Seattle, Carolina, or Denver in the 8th round. Load up on player that catch passes, gain yards and score touchdowns. Philadelphia, Green Bay, Arizona, and Minnesota are all very competitive defenses that will be available at the very end of your draft. Also, only draft one team defense. You can easily start a new defense off the waiver wire each week based on matchup.

Draft Kicker In The Last Round!

Target a kicker with a big leg who kicks in a dome in the last round of your draft. Like defense you can easily start a new kicker every week based on match up and still dominate your buddies. Bottom line is they don’t gain yards, catch passes, or score touchdowns.

Written By: Robert Brinkman