The New England Patriots were able to get a shutout win with a rookie third-string quarterback. The Texans were completely dominated on both sides of the ball, including an awful performance by Brock Osweiler. The Patriots won 27-0

A sloppy performance by Carson Palmer caused the Cardinals to get blown out by the Buffalo Bills. The Cardinals defense could not slow down Lesean Mccoy, and gave up over 200 rushing yards. The Cardinals fall to a 1-2 record, while the Bills get their first win against a playoff caliber team.

The Raiders improved to a 2-1 record, by beating the Tennessee Titans 17-10. The Titans fall to 1-2.

The Cleveland Browns had a chance to get their first win on Sunday, but they missed a game-winning field goal and had to go to overtime against the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins ended up winning with a touchdown. The Final score was 30-24. The Browns fall to 0-3 and the Dolphins improve to 1-2.

The Baltimore Ravens are unexpectedly now 3-0, after scraping out a win over the Jaguars. The Jaguars are now 0-3

The Packers almost let the Lions comeback on them, but they were able to win by a touchdown. Aaron Rodgers balled out with 4 touchdowns. The Packers improve to 2-1 and the Lions fall to 1-2.

Trevor Siemian shined on Sunday by leading the Broncos to a win over the Bengals. The Broncos are now 3-0, and the Bengals fall 1-2.

The Vikings defense lead them to a win after coming back in the second-half and stomping on the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers are now 1-2, and they are looking to make a super bowl run. They are off to a very rocky start, and cannot afford to have any more losses any time soon.

A sloppy performance by Eli Manning caused the Giants to blow the game. The Redskins were able to win with a game-winning field goal. The Josh Norman and Odell Beckham Jr. match-up was great, but Odell was able to torch him repeatedly throughout the game. The Giants are now 2-1 and the Redskins get their first win.

The Rams are definitely rolling, they were able to get a win in week 2 over the Seahawks, then they were able to put up 37 points to get a win over the Buccaneers. The St. Louis Rams improve to 2-1, and Buccaneers fall to 1-2.

The Seahawks came back with a vengeance against the 49ers, and blew them out in a 37-18 win. Russell Wilson sprained his MCL, but is expected to play in week 4. The Seahwaks improve to 2-1 and Chip Kelly’s 49ers fall to 1-2.

The Kansas City Chiefs look a little bit better, and got their second win against Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Jets. They put up 24 points, and limited the Jets to only a field goal. Ryan Fitzpatrick threw 6 interceptions, and the Jets ended up turning the ball over 8 times. This may have been the worst offensive performance that will be seen all season. The Jets fall to 1-2 and the Chiefs improve to 2-1.

The Chargers always seem to find a way to lose, and lost to the Colts by giving up a game-winning touchdown by T.Y Hilton. The Colts are now 1-2 and the Chargers fall to 1-2. T.y Hilton put a dominating performance with 8 receptions for 184 yards and a touchdown.

The Philadelphia Eagles proved to be the real deal by beating the Super Bowl contending Steelers. They won 34-0, and Carson Wentz was able to pick apart the Steelers defense piece by piece. The Steelers offensive line could not stop the Eagles front-seven, and were dominated all game. The Eagles remain undefeated, and the Steelers are now 2-1.

The Cowboys were able to get a win without Tony Romo. They fed the ball to Ezekiel Elliott thirty times for 140 yards. The Bears remain win-less while the Cowboys improve to 2-1.