The Philadelphia 76ers lost to the Oklahoma City Thunder in their home opener. The 76ers gave up a six-point fourth quarter lead, but they were definitely in reach of getting a win. Though the Sixers are still in the rebuilding process, they should have been able to beat the Thunder with their performance. The Sixers were down on the bench already. Nerlens Noel, Jared Bayless, and the 2016 first round pick, Ben Simmons. The fans got to see a very entertaining game though. The best player on the court, after Russell Westbrook, was our highly praised Joel Embiid. Joel Embiid proved his dominance in his first few minutes on the court. He was limited to a 20 minute playing time limit, but he played a couple extra minutes. He scored 20 points in 22 minutes adding in two blocks.  The 76ers also had strong point guard play from Sergio Rodriguez. The 76ers have a long road ahead of them, but at least the 76ers finally have something to look forward to.