The Philadelphia Eagles lost to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night 29-23. The Philadelphia Eagles seemed to fall apart in similar fashion to the Florida State Seminoles when they lost to the Clemson Tigers on Saturday night. The win was well within reach, being up two scores, then losing focus and giving up the lead in the 4th quarter. Dak Prescott and Carson Wentz proved that they are the QB battle of the future, and that there is a lot of hope and both of their careers. They played like veteran quarterbacks; they made veteran plays, and they made veteran mistakes. Neither team was able to stop the running game, but the major key at the end of it all was Dez Bryant. Dez Bryant scored a 22 yard game-tying touchdown pass with 3:04 left to go in the game. The Eagles failed to score on the ensuing drive so the game was forced to overtime. The Cowboys won the toss, and marched up the field and capped it off with a 5 yard game winning touchdown pass to Jason Witten. Despite the loss, the Eagles were able to cut down on their penalties, and fix many mental mistakes from week 7. The Eagles still need to work on their red zone offense, where they scored on two out of their 4 attempts. Doug Pederson may need to start taking more risks deep down the field. The Cowboys defense is able to play man defense every play, because the offense is one-dimensional in the passing game. The Eagles will bounce back, and take on the New York Giants in the Meadowlands next week.



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