On Sunday night, fans witnessed another nail-biter between the newly created rivalry. The Seahawks played very well against the New England Patriots Sunday night. At the end of the game, the Seahawks denied Rob Gronkowski on a last-second fade route. The fans expected a defensive pass interference call, but from the replays, it possibly could have been offensive pass interference. The referees made the best decision, and did not throw a flag. The link below will take you to the play.


4 weeks ago, the Falcons were robbed of a pass interference no-call. It was on fourth down, on an attempt for Matt Ryan to bring his team back. Julio Jones was grabbed by Seahawks’ cornerback Richard Sherman, likely preventing him from making a catch. Here’s the play that ended the game for the Atlanta Falcons.

SB Nation gave an entire analysis and first take on the NFL’s problems on penalties. The NFL should not be able to review penalties.