Let’s come right out and say it. Nelson Agholor has to be one of the worst 1st round picks the Philadelphia Eagles drafted in the last decade, next to Marcus Smith. The Eagles offense has the most inconsistent play makers you need to beat a top-tier team. You know things are bad when the 3rd sting tight end is starting the game at receiver. It probably didn’t help that our 2 starting running backs got hurt, but I still expect more from the offense as a group. Yes, we all know that Carson Wentz is a rookie but every Eagles fan should be worried about him after today. He is yet to have had an all-around great game. He played well enough to get wins, but that wasn’t even the case today. His first  interception, was just a rookie mistake of staring down the wide receiver. The pass was also forced because the Eagles were trying to drive down the field to get into field goal range. The second pick was an ill-advised forced pass into double coverage. The Pass was overthrown and right into the hands of the league’s best cornerback. Wentz ended the day with a statline of : 23/45 with 218 yards 2 td 2 int and a 4.8 passing yard average. 4.8 yards per passing play is not enough to get an offense out of a slump…ever.

Defense on the other hand, didn’t have a bad game. They just gave up an ample amount big plays. Jaylen Watkins shouldn’t be guarding Jimmy Graham. In fact, he shouldn’t see the field. Nolan Carroll and Jalen Mills are not currently playing up to league standards. Nolan has play 10 yards off of every receiver because he is just too slow to play underneath. Jalen Mills is a 7th round pick, so he is superceeding many expectations. Mills is inconsistent, though he has proven to be a good athlete. Every fan needs Fletcher Cox to have a monster game soon because he is hiding in the defensive line right now. Nigel Bradham is quickly moving up on the depth chart, and his fellow teammate, Mychal Kendricks, shouldn’t be on the roster next year. The strength of the defense is the D-line, but the Eagles only recorded one sack today. They were able to get plenty of quarterback  hits though. The defense played well enough to win the game, but the offense just wasn’t there to put points up.

The Eagles are pretty much out the playoffs at this point. The entire division holds a winning record except for them. They should really start focusing on offseason scouting, and free agency. The Eagles should focus on getting somehorsepower and explosive players to surround Carson Wentz. The Eagles should also draft a cornerback in an early round, because signing the big name CB in free agency never works out for the team. They definitely have a lot to work on their hands, including making sure Nelson Agholor never plays another snap in the Bleeding Green uniforms.

-Jaden Rogers

Highlights of the game are Below