The Philadelphia 76ers have a problem with too much talent, even though their record may not even show it. They have 3 young energetic big men that can develop to be starting all-star caliber  centers in the NBA.  Nerlens Noel is the worst out of the three, but he is best fit to pair with Joel Embiid. Noel is a great defender, but he is lacking any type of scoring abilities. Meanwhile, Jahlil Okafor could average 20 points a game but he is the worst defender and is a bad rebounder. Joel Embiid isn’t even on the trade block, telling by the way he’s playing. So therefore, it’s between Noel and Okafor. I don’t think there are enough touches down low for both Embiid and Okafor. But with Embiid and Noel in the game, there are two shot blockers, a good post scorer in Embiid, and the outstanding factor that Noel can play above the rim. The only problem is that the Sixers look like they are pursuing trade offers for Noel, and he is applying pressure on the organization. Seems like he wants out of Philly. We could get more value in trading Noel now then Okafor, but the organization probably wants to keep him to see what he came become. Jahlil Okafor did lower his trade stock, because of rookie mistakes off of the court. He got into two fights, and was pulled over for driving 120 mph. Ben Simmons is coming back soon, so the team doesn’t need another 6’10 player that can play power forward. Even though it’s looking like Simmons will play point guard, the 76ers can’t let this problem go into next season.

-Jaden Rogers