Thursday night’s game delivered the thriller NBA fans love. Win or loss, it was a great, suspenseful game. The Rockets and Warriors went to double-overtime, and the Rockets secured the win. James Harden notched his 4th triple-double and led the R0ckets to victory. Key role players such as Eric Gordon and Ryan Anderson stepped up to the plate. Eric Gordon dropped in 23 points, and Ryan Anderson scored 29 points on 50% 3-point shooting. The Warriors stars played well despite the loss. Stephen Curry scored 28 points, and Kevin Durant added in 39 points. Draymond Green added in another 20 points, but the problem is that Klay Thompson scored 15 points on 20% shooting. The problem is that the bench players did not step up at all. Shaun Livingston played for 20 minutes and only scored 4 points. Igoudala played for 42 minutes and only scored 10 points. He was the only bench player in double figures. There is no reason that a game should go to double overtime and only one bench player scored 10 points. The Warriors recorded more assists, more blocks, and less turnovers than the Rockets but still lost the game. The reason they lost is due to bench production and scoring.