The Philadelphia Eagles now sit in last place in the NFC East division. Coming into this season, the Eagles were predicted to go 5-11 by many sources. The First two years of the Chip Kelly era in philly ended with two 10-6 seasons. Last year the Eagles finished 7-9, and had to pull the plug on Chip Kelly. After many coaching interviews, the Eagles chose Doug Pederson. Pederson was the offensive coordinator under Andy Reid in Kansas City, and has no head-coaching experience. The Eagles tried to undo everything Chip Kelly put in place. So when Doug got to Philly and training camp started, he was looking at an almost completely new roster. Honestly, there shouldn’t have been high expectations for the Eagles coming into the season, and it is unfair to put Pederson on the hot seat through 12 games into his first head coaching season. Despite the Eagles starting the season 3-0, the Eagles still lacked many offensive pieces.  The Philadelphia Eagles lack explosiveness on the offensive side of the ball, and they are very thin in their depth chart at the defensive backs position. So again, despite the Eagles great start, the Eagles have a very long road ahead of him and a rookie head coach should not have only one season to prove himself to the NFL and fans. He may have to do a couple of refreshers in the locker room, but he does need to get the team chemistry back, and also work with his players 1-on-1. The Eagles are not going to the playoffs this season, and they should get focused on this off-season.