The Eagles have lost 4 straight games. What’s next?  This is problematic, and as of right now, everything is reflecting the Eagles coach. Carson Wentz denies mechanics being a problem, but i’ve seen mostly ill-advised throws and bad throws due to mechanics. Carson Wentz does have many glimpses of greatness though. Though, after these glimpses, we have to see a rookie mistake follow-up afterwards. Carson Wentz has thrown 0ver 100 times in the last two games. He scrambles and runs a lot as well, so that means he has dropped back in the pocket at least 130 times in the last two games. Carson has thrown for two touchdowns and threw 4 interceptions in the month of Decmber alone. In Novmber, he threw 5 picks and 2 touchdowns. The Eagles are struggling as a team,  and the fact that the Eagles don’t have any offensive weapons isn’t helping. Carson Wentz will mature up, and now is not a time to panic for Eagles fans. The offensive line is beat up, and the Eagles have a lot of spots to fill. Everything will be okay. #Birdgang