• The Baltimore Ravens (8-7) will travel on the road to play against a struggling Cincinnati (5-6-1) team. The  Cincinnati Bengals have lost two straight, and the Ravens will not play to lose for a draft pick. We’ve got the Ravens winning this one by at least two scores.
  • The Tennessee Titans will defend their home turf against the Houston Texans. The Texans have already clinched the division, but the Titans will come out fighting hard. The Titans lost Marcus Mariota last week, so being short-handed would be an understatement. The Texans will win this one and finish strong with a 10-6 record to their season. The Titans will finish their season at .500 (8-8).
  • The Panthers have a chance to end their season strong against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Panthers have had a horrible season, and will play as hard as they have all season Sunday. Ron Rivera will coach well. The Panthers still don’t have their mojo back so they will lose to the Buccaneers in a close game.
  • The Dolphins clinched their wild card game, and will face off against the AFC East grandfather, The New England Patriots. The Patriots clinched the division, but they are playing for home-field advantage. We’ve got the Patriots winning, and finishing the regular season on a 7-game win streak.
  • The Dallas Cowboys will travel to play the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles have had a disappointing season, and will have their hands full trying to slow down Ezekiel Elliott, guarding Dez Bryant, and disrupting Dak Prescott. The Cowboys will likely beat the Eagles by a few scores. Either way, the Cowboys 12-3 record has allowed them to clinch the division and home-field advantage.
  • The Steelers will win their week 17 game against the Cleveland Browns. The Browns have won one game all season, and the Steelers have been playing very well as of late. They will finish off the season on a 7 game win streak, and with a 11-5 record. They still have the division clinched, even if they somehow find a way to lose.
  • Atlanta will play their final divisional game of the season versus the New Orleans Saints. The Saints have had a below average season, while Atlanta has had an outstanding season. The Saints will not beat the Falcons Sunday, but if the Saints find a way to win, the Falcons already clinched the division.
  • The New York Giants will come out swinging against the Washington Redskins. The Giants have already clinched the wild card, but whoever comes out swinging harder to start the game will win. We’ve got the Redskins winning this one, and the Giants ending the season on a two-game losing streak.
  • The Oakland Raiders super-bowl hopes were potentially thrown away due to Derek Carr’s leg injury. Carr has led his team all season, and the Raiders will have Matt Mcgloin for the remainder of the season. Matt must build chemistry with his line and wide receivers very quickly. They will travel to mile-high season Sunday, and could hopefully get a win. If they win and get a first-round bye, the Raiders give themselves a great chance at going to at least the AFC Championship. We’ve got the Raiders winning this one. Without Carr, the Raiders are still too much for the Broncos to handle.
  • Kansas City will beat San Diego Sunday. The Chargers are disappointing once again. The Chiefs will look to finish the season strong, and make a strong playoff push.
  • The Seahawks already clinched their division, and will play against the terrible 49ers. The Hawks hopefully shouldn’t even let the 49ers score.
  • Green Bay will go to Detroit and play for the division on Sunday Night. Both teams have had good seasons, but we are going to put our trust in  Aaron Rodgers. The Packers are red-hot right now. It will be a great game, and it will go down to the last few minutes.


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