James Harden is currently the best player in the league. He is better than Russell Westbrook. Westbrook has the advantage of points per game and rebounds, but Harden’s got the upper-hand when it comes to Assists. James Harden is the starting point guard now. He switched positions, because it put his team in the best position to win. Harden is leading the Houston Rockets to a top-3 record in the Western Conference(31-9), and they are one of the best teams in the league. Westbrook’s Oklahoma City Thunder hold the 7th seed with a 23- and 16 record. Even though the Rockets are a better suited team to play around James Harden, the Thunder have good players around Westbrook too. The only advantage Westbrook has over Harden is defense. Harden is an average defender that looks like he’s not trying to hustle or make defensive plays. It almost seems like he tries to save all of his energy for the offensive side of the ball. The former teammates are clearly the top 2 players in the league this season. If we voted today for the MVP award,  James  Harden would win it. He is leading his team to a far better record than Westbrook is, and it seems to play a big part in the voting. Do not be surprised if the Rockets give the Warriors a run for their money in the playoffs. The Rockets are coming off their 9th straight win, and they are the league’s hottest team right now. With Harden putting up numbers that we aren’t used to seeing, no one knows how far the Rockets could make it this year.