I lost hope in the NFL Pro Bowl, but this year I fell in love with it. It looked sort of like NBA All-Star Weekend, because the NFL Skills Challenge was introduced. This year the game returned to the traditional AFC vs. AFC game. In the previous few years, there were captains that chose the players. The AFC All Stars beat the NFC All Stars with a final score of 20-13.The Pro Bowl has so many rules made up, and it usually keeps players from playing full speed. Well, every player last night looked like they were playing for a contract. The game does have a money reward for each team, but the game was competitive throughout. The winning team gets $60,000 per player, and the losing team gets $30,000 for each player. That check definitely isn’t worth how hard the players played in the game. Redskins’ quarterback, Kirk Cousins, chased down the Denver Broncos’ star cornerback, Aqib Talib, and forced a fumble. That’s only one example, but it is definitely the biggest. Kirk Cousins is supposed to be the Redskins franchise quarterback, but he isn’t currently in contract. It was a very controversial move for him to make that elite play. If he would have gotten hurt, he’d be in serious trouble. There were big, hard hits last night, and spectacular plays all over the field. The pro bowl will definitely draw even more viewers and fans next year. Here are highlights from the game.