The Philadelphia 76ers got another win on Thursday night against the Orlando Magic. Dario Saric dropped 24 points off the bench, and TJ Mcconnell scored the go-ahead basket with 5 seconds left. The points are an amazing sight by the young players, but look at these in-depth stats.The 76ers picked the ball and recorded 13 steals.

Every single starter on the 76ers were in the negatives on the plus minus differential last night. So how did they win? Dario Saric was +25 off the bench, and Nik Stauskas was +25 off the bench. Every player off the bench was in the positives. This means that the entire bench stepped up, and made a positive impact on the game to put the 76ers in a winning position. The young players coming off of the bench are hustling, and are playing hungry. They get after the ball on defense, and are aggressive on offense. The 76ers are in a good position for themselves now, as they wait for the team to get healthy.